Chris Tanners Rifftet fredag d. 25. maj 2018

Fredag d. 25. maj 2018 i Strien 

Chris Tanners Rifftet
Dørene åbnes allerede kl. 19.30

Entre: Medl.: 120 kr.-/ Gæster: 150 kr.-/Årskort:Har betalt

Chris Tanner grew up in Melbourne Australia and started playing clarinet when he was 15 years old. He got a lot of influences from the Melbourne music scene and began to play professionally shortly after. Chris played with Allan Browne’s New Orleans Rascals and the Yarra Yarra Jazz Band.  In 1995 he joined the Melbourne band The Hoodangers and toured extensively. There first tour took them to Russia and Western Europe. Where they traveled to Denmark to the Femø Jazz festival and met a fan who repeatedly bought them back to Denmark.  Chris also traveled to Denmark to play with other Australian bands like Julie O’Hara. He now lives in Copenhagen and plays music on the jazz scene there.

This is live at Charlie Scotts with Tom Mc Ewan, Mads Søndergaard and Jens Kristian Andersen.

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